Sci-High Holds Acquaintance Party and Induction

The Romblon State University Science High School conducted an Acquaintance Party and Induction Ceremonies June 28, 2012 at the RSU Quadrangle. The entire program was arranged and prepared by the hard-working SSG officers in cooperation with the other student organizations of the High School.

This year’s Acquaintance Party was somewhat different from those before it. This year, students were grouped into four teams that competed and socialized with each other. It is an acquaintance party, after all.

There were competitions in singing, dancing, and for comedy skits, following an 80’s and 90’s theme. Sydie Vern Estaniol got the audience impressed with his performance of “Di Bale Nalang” that won him the singing competition. Groups four and three won the dance and comedy skit competitions, respectively. The comedy skit was made especially humorous by Mandy Formilleza’s narration and hilarious antics.

Part Two of the event was the most-awaited Search for Mr. and Ms. Fashionista 2012. Contenders from each section showed off in their uniforms, sports wear, summer wear, and in evening gowns made from malongs. They also entertained the crowds with a production number choreographed by Mr. Daniele Gaa.

Bonnyl Faina and Rona Fym Mayuga bagged awards for their performance in the production number. Rollie Lachica and Erlyn Jane Molo won over the hearts of the judges with their elegant formal attire and undeniable chemistry. But the couple who stood out the most and won the uniform, sports, and summer wear categories as well as the Mr. and Ms. Fashionista 2012 title was none other than Third Year Michael Faraday’s bet, Eric Lopez and Aicila Lei Forlales.

The entire event was a blast–one that even the bad weather couldn’t dampen.

~By Vincent Fiestada


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